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        The fifth national energy storage engineering conference

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          As one of the strategic emerging industries in the 21st century,the energy storage technology industry plays an important role in the fields of smart grid,new energy vehicles and renewable energy applications."National energy storage engineering conference held for the first time since 2015,to"promote energy storage science and technology exchange,promote the basic research and application of docking,promote energy storage engineering innovation ability,cultivating energy storage young talents"for the purpose,in academia,industry and government support,has become the authoritative academic exchange platform in the field of energy storage materials and devices.On the basis of four consecutive successful conferences,the energy storage engineering committee of China chemical society is scheduled to hold the"fifth national energy storage engineering conference"in zhengzhou from July 19 to 21,2019.Under the theme of"energy storage technology advances,green life is colorful",the conference will showcase the latest research and development progress and industrial achievements in energy storage engineering,power batteries and key materials.Discuss the current scientific and technical problems in the field of energy storage engineering;We will promote industry-university-research cooperation and the transformation of technological achievements.At that time,academic leaders,scientific experts,entrepreneurial elites and investors of energy storage and battery industry at home and abroad will come to the conference to discuss and promote the development of energy storage industry.

          Topics of this conference include electrochemical energy storage:lithium/sodium/potassium ion batteries,liquid flow batteries,lithium/sodium sulfur batteries,fuel cells,photoelectrocatalysis,metal-air batteries,etc.Electromagnetic energy storage:including superconducting energy storage,capacitor energy storage,super capacitor energy storage,etc.Physical energy storage:including compressed air energy storage,flywheel energy storage,heat storage(cold),cryogenic energy storage,pumped storage,mechanical elastic energy storage,superconducting magnetic energy storage,hydrogen storage and others;New energy conversion and storage materials and devices;Wind power,photovoltaic power generation system,micro grid and energy storage applications;Cascade utilization and resource recovery of waste batteries and devices.

          LANHE was invited as the sponsor of the conference,and set up a booth to discuss the new technology of battery detection equipment with everyone,which attracted the attention of visitors from all over the world.






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