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        The 4th China conference on energy and materials chemistry

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          I.background introduction

          The 4th China(international)conference on energy and materials chemistry will be held in dalian from May 25 to 27,2019(daily news to May 24).The symposium will be sponsored by the Chinese chemical society,hosted by dalian institute of chemical physics,Chinese academy of sciences(dalian institute of chemical physics celebrates its 70th anniversary),and co-sponsored by tsinghua university,Peking University,hunan university and university of science and technology of China.More than 600 participants participated in this event,attracting top experts,scholars and professors in the field of energy,materials and chemistry at home and abroad to participate in and conduct academic exchanges.

          Ii.Meeting contents

          1.Energy storage:research on energy storage battery and power battery

          2.Energy catalysis:research on thermocatalysis and electrocatalysis,catalytic characterization and simulation

          3.Solar energy:solar energy conversion materials and chemistry

          Conference report of participants

          Tanaka xiamen university

          China university of science and technology

          Bao xin,university of science and technology of China,dalian institute of chemical physics

          Li can dalian institute of chemical physics

          Invitation to report(in alphabetical order,the list is constantly updated)

          BiYingPu(lanzhou chemical physics research institute),Chen Chengmeng)(shanxi institute of coal chemistry,Chen Shimou(institute of process engineering),Chen weihua(zhengzhou university),Chen yong(cas)by physical and chemical,Chen yunhua(nanjing university of technology),Chen Yu(shaanxi normal university),Hou Jungang(dalian university of technology),huang(university),Chinese academy of sciences,Huang Jiaqi(Beijing university of technology),xiao-qing huang(suzhou university),wei-hsin huang(university of science and technology of China),Hu Xian luo(huazhong university of science and technology),yongsheng hu(institute of physics),Hu Zheng(nanjing university),Peng Shanglong(lanzhou university),xin-wen peng(south China university of technology),Peng Yang(suzhou university),Peng Zhangquan(changchun institute of applied chemistry),Qian wei(tsinghua university),QuLiang(tsinghua university),Wang Shuangyin chapter(hunan university),wang(nanjing university),wang(xiangtan university),Wang Yanggang(south China university of science and technology),wang(xiamen university),wuchuan(Beijing university of technology),seats,xian(lanzhou university),xiao-dong wen(MeiHuaSuo),lohas(huazhong university of science and technology),cheah soon kit(xiamen university),Xiong Shenglin university(shandong),YanFeng(suzhou university),qingfeng yan(tsinghua university),YanChengLin(suzhou university),Yan Xingbin(lanzhou chemical physics research institute)Yang zhi(wenzhou university),yi chenyi(tsinghua university),yu chang(dalian university of technology),zhang liming(fudan university),zhang qiang(tsinghua university),zhang qiaobao(xiamen university),zhang wenhua(institute of chemical materials,China academy of engineering physics),zhang xintong(northeast normal university),etc

          LANHE very lucky as a proud sponsor of the meeting,set up a booth at the scene to CT3001A type super capacitor testing equipment,high precision,multi-range M340A type intelligent precision battery tester display and promotion,the scene and the engineering閆俊teacher,Northeastern University teacher Dong Yan peak,Xu Lin teacher of nanjing university of technology,Beijing engineering Chen Shimeng teacher,discusses the tsinghua university teacher zhang qiang and other experts in communication,and the forum guests'consistent high praise and affirmation.




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